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Our approach to SEO is always the same, in that it’s never the same. We start by listening and let that shape our process, with our clients as partners every step of the way.

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We will tackle the on-site issues that are stopping the search engines from crawling your website and inhibiting your growth

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The practice of earning backlinks to your website with the goal of increasing your site's authority and visibility.

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Let’s improve your online visibility.


An SEO Audit serves as a health check for your website. We monitor the technical infrastructure of your website, essentials on your pages and off-page elements to optimise Search Engine visibility, usability and conversion.


Local SEO is a great method to market your business online. This way we help businesses promote their products & services to local customers exactly at the point in time they're looking for them within the vicinity.


Pimclick offers on-page SEO or on-site SEO, optimising individual web pages aiming to rank higher; therefore, gain increased relevant traffic in search engines. On-site SEO helps search engines analyze your website and content.


Incoming links to your webpage are called backlinks. Pimclick employs backlinks to improve your website's traffic, rank, reputation, and more. Backlinks play an important role in most search engine algorithms like Google.


We design an attractive landing page, in other words lead capture page, in order to successfully maximise the conversion rate of your campaign.With the right content displayed in your landing page, you can attract users
With the right direction to connect SEO and content, you can make your place in the digital marketing world. SEO is strategized around content marketing such as important keywords, quality content, and user experience.


These specific factors are what Google analyizes and considers important for user experience. Pimclick can help identify the three core web vital measurements; largest contentful paint, input delay, cumulative layout shift.


Interacting with a web page is important in the modern age for both mobile and desktop devices. Pimclick can help businesses understand their page experience and how it affects your ranking in search engines.


Removing old content is imperative to making sure that your SEO is up-to-date. With the right tools and analysation, Pimclick can help identify old content that can be transformed to new or updated in the right way.
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Strong SEO techniques combined with well-researched Content provide the best launchpad for a new website. Our client onboarded us in December 2021 to create a search engine-friendly website to launch their new business as a popular Spa in Bangkok.

Being in the wellness industry, the most important goal for our clients is to get traffic to their website and eventually create conversions. Hence, the main objective is to draw more global visitors/clients to their Spa.

However, the region is a popular holiday destination for the global wellness industry.

While this is a favorable scene for our client, we understood that getting the site to pull traffic in light of the intense competition would not be a walk on the cake. This is especially true during the midst of the Global Pandemic when the wellness industry has suffered the max.

This is the step by step planning executed by our SEO team:

  • Study the competitor websites and enlist their strengths and weaknesses in terms of website design.
  • Conduct research and gap analysis to pick up the keywords for which competitor service pages were ranking.
  • Check out the UI/UX flaws of competitor websites and ensure that those are taken care of while building our client’s site.
  • Create an SEO-friendly site structure offering mock-up variations for the client to choose from.
  • Use ChatGPT to boost SEO with keyword analysis, content generation, and optimization.
  • Create SEO-optimized web copies for each service page to ensure that the site ranks immediately upon launch for important keywords.
  • Ensure the mobile responsiveness of all design elements.
  • Ensure all essential elements like meta-titles, headers, image optimization, and call to action tabs on the service page.


Check out the steep growth in organic traffic immediately after the site was launched and indexed. The website was also able to gain 167K impressions and over 4 300 clicks in just 3 months of its launch Almost immediately after the site launch, hundreds of keywords got indexed, and some important ones began creeping to the 1st page of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

A work well begun is half done, they say! We’ve started well, and we plan to keep putting in our SEO strategies and keyword researched content to push the website further to capture the top slots on Search Engines.

Now check out yourself: www.loft-thai.com


Are you feeling overwhelmed with information on the topic of SEO? It is no surprise, considering the amount of content available, and few chances to study the basics of the strategy, it’s natural that you may get confused about how SEO really works. Indeed, even if you get a solid grasp of the basic principles, there’s always something recently developed that comes up. Pimclick works on SEO projects nonstop & has all the latest information, as well as a solid knowledge of the classic techniques. We are here to take the weight off your shoulders! Contact us today.

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