SEO Case Study: Leap in impressions and clicks within 3 months of launching a website

SEO Case Study: Leap in impressions and clicks within 3 months of launching a website

Strong SEO techniques combined with well-researched content provide the best launchpad for a new website.

Our client onboarded us in December 2021 to create a search engine-friendly website to launch their new business as a popular Spa in Bangkok.


Being in the wellness industry, the most important goal for our clients is to get traffic to their website and eventually create conversions. Hence, the main objective is to draw more global visitors/clients to their Spa.

However, the region is a popular holiday destination for the global wellness industry.

While this is a favorable scene for our client, we understood that getting the site to pull traffic in light of the intense competition would not be a walk on the cake. This is especially true during the midst of the Global Pandemic when the wellness industry has suffered the max.

Just putting together a regular website would never do the job for this client


This is the step by step planning executed by our team:

• Study the competitor websites and enlist their strengths and weaknesses in terms of website design.
• Conduct research and gap analysis to pick up the keywords for which competitor service pages were ranking.
• Check out the UI/UX flaws of competitor websites and ensure that those are taken care of while building our client’s site.
• Create an SEO-friendly site structure offering mock-up variations for the client to choose from.
• Create SEO-optimized web copies for each service page to ensure that the site ranks immediately upon launch for important keywords.
• Ensure the mobile responsiveness of all design elements.
• Ensure all essential elements like meta-titles, headers, image optimization, and call to action tabs on the service page.


SEO Case Study: Leap in impressions and clicks within 3 months of launching a website


We also knew that the client had a sister site that was already ranking for some branded keywords for the niche. We advised the client to perform a redirection from the sister site to pass some SEO link juice and equity to the new site as soon as it was launched.


Check out the steep growth in organic traffic immediately after the site was launched and indexed.

The website was also able to gain 130K impressions and over 4 200 clicks in just 3 months of its launch

Almost immediately after the site launch, hundreds of keywords got indexed, and some important ones began creeping to the 1st page of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

A work well begun is half done, they say! We’ve started well, and we plan to keep putting in our SEO strategies and keyword researched content to push the website further to capture the top slots on Google.



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