The future of SEO in 2022

The future of SEO in 2022

Each year it seems that someone declares SEO dead here in Europe and Asia. It is hard to believe that SEO will be dead in the digital industry by 2022.

Artificial intelligence, voice search, video search, digital marketing, Facebook ads and google ads, social media. Each year it seems like SEO is about to collapse. To be replaced by more sophisticated, better-resourced alternatives that promise to overtake an industry with over twenty years of history. SEO is dead by 2022. Again, no.

Pimclick, a web agency that provides SEO consulting services as well as Growth Hack SEO services, is a standalone entity. Pimclick, a multilingual SEO agency has many years of experience working alongside many top international brands.

Will SEO still have relevance in 2022?

Yes. SEO is still evolving, even though certain SEO techniques that worked well in the past no longer work. To better match user intent, SEO keeps reinventing itself.

Google Trends for SEO Agency and SEO Consultant show a striking upward trend. SEO isn’t dying. In fact, the reverse is true.

The chart clearly shows how much interest there is in SEO consulting services. More companies are turning to their websites to maintain sales after the pandemic. How better to do that than with a solid SEO strategy?

SEO can be misunderstood as with many other industries. There have been many instances when businesses were “burned”, either by incompetent agencies or as a result of outreach emails. These companies promised rankings all over the world for ridiculously high prices but this only served to show that SEO is ineffective or a waste of money.

A well-thought SEO strategy can still be one of your most cost-effective and scalable investments for your online marketing budget.

Search Engine Optimization forces you to understand your audience

SEO should not be considered as a competitor and take money from your Marketing and PPC spend. A lot of user intent research is required for every keyword research and mapping. Make sure your brand is able to identify your audience and their online activities. It doesn’t matter if it is informational, navigational, or transactional. Google Ads can also be improved by including keywords in landing page copy, which will result in higher placement and lower CPCs.

Domain Authority and Quality Content

Although pay-per-click sponsorships and social media sponsorships can be great tools to boost brand awareness, organic content offers something that neither PPC nor social have. The tools are more commercial than organic, so authenticity and authoritativeness are important. Online users may not like paid or promoted content. Good SEO content will be in the same language and feel less intrusive as a sponsored keyword search.

It is easier to win the trust and authority of your public with organic channels like SEO where information can be found at their pace.

SEO is key to better user experience using Google Page Experience

Adopting an SEO strategy has many attractive benefits. These include great content, better understanding of your users and positive effects on brand awareness. The most important aspect of a modern SEO strategy is to improve your website’s user experience with core web vitals. Your website is your online property in 2022. It must look and feel the same as your physical shop.

Google has released page experience a ranking factor by launching the page experience update in 2021.

SEO is still relevant?

SEO is all about continuous improvement. There are no perfect websites or websites that have not been tapped. SEO-focused refers to making the most out of your website’s potential online. SEO orientation is the continuous pursuit of technical improvement, the effort of creating new pages and obtaining links through digital PR and backlinking strategy.

A well-rounded SEO strategy is essential. SEO strategies that include local SEO, reviews, image searches, zero clicks search and schema markup are radically different from what SEO looked like a year ago.

Do you think that SEO will cease to be relevant? Will it continue to provide the best possible user experience with timely, well-written content. SEO will be here to stay, I predict. Evolution and transformation into new things. However, it is still possible to keep SEO at the core of every brand’s digital marketing budget. Joe Miller, Google’s Search division said that search engines will never reach a point without SEO.

SEO can be a great way to make your website more user-friendly.

Pimclick is a digital marketing agency that utilizes SEO in the best ways possible to reach the authority level needed to be at the top of search engines like Google. We have experts that can provide you with SEO consulting, and SEO strategies, as well as an SEO training course to keep you updated with the trend. If you would like to understand our techniques, you can simply contact us.

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