What does Google look for in Content?


What does Google look for in Content?

The days are gone now where SEO was only known for using the right keywords to bring your website to a rank that you have never achieved before. However, as search engines in the modern era continue to grow, so do the rules of SEO. As time goes by, different aspects of SEO enter the playing field which creates a unique experience for your website.

SEO today is not all about keywords but also the rest of the content that is within your website. Google, the largest search engine to date, often changes its rules and algorithms which businesses have to continuously adapt to maintain authority in the ranking pages. Although it is never what you should be doing to gain authority points, there are still some simple rules you should be following to make sure you gain a top rank.

Quality and Relevant Content

Since the idea of keywords became outdated in SEO, Google basically forced businesses to improve their content in quality and relevancy. What this means is that the information on your website answers the questions that they are looking for. This could be pictures, videos, infographics, or basically anything that will be considered informative to your potential clients. You want to make sure your content is also consistent and not repetitive as this is one factor to gain authority points.

User Behavior

Having quality and relevant content is great, but if your website doesn’t produce strong user-friendly features, then you easily find your customers bouncing off to other sites. Google is able to identify whether or not people stay in your website long enough while also digging into other content. Facts that create a non-user-friendly website is slow loading pages, bad content, etc. It is best to avoid doing this to get as much as authority as possible.

Content Length

As mentioned before, it’s important to have quality and relevant content. One key factor that makes your content in quality-fashion is by keeping the length of the content short and sweet to the point. You may notice that websites now-a-days tend to stay minimal with beautiful dynamic animations and interactions in the website. This ties in with user behavior as the attention span of a human being is somewhere between 15-30 seconds which is not long enough for you to catch a persons attention with long-worded writing. Keep your content at a minimal and make sure you’re able to give the message in roughly 10 seconds.

Internal Linking

If you already have quality content all over your website, you must follow the last step as Google checks these with their algorithm which is internal linking. Internal Linking is essentially linking one page from your website to another page from your website. This produces a strong website structure which Google can identify and help you bring your website to the top of the page.

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