4 tips to improve your e-commerce website

4 tips to improve your e-commerce website

E-commerce website is the fact to buying and selling of goods and services over the internet

Today it’s almost impossible to do business without e-commerce

Online sales reached $2,304 billion in 2017, up 24.8% from 2016.

Here are our 4 tips to help you improve your e-commerce website :

1. SEO

SEO is very important from the creation of your e-commerce platform which will allow you to be quickly indexed by google and therefore be visible to your future visitors and potential customers. Set up a list of keywords to integrate into your site corresponding to your field of activity. You can also create content for visitors that is consistent with your sector and will generate traffic to your e-commerce website.

2. Social medias

FEVAD tells us that “45% of Internet users use social medias to discover new e-commerce sites and new products”.

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc, videos, stories, content, by interacting with your community you bring to your website a high visibility.

You can also go further by using paid advertising on social networks such as Facebook ads and Instagram ads that will bring you new customers.

3. Emailing

This method, which is certainly not very modern, is still very effective and inexpensive. This technique consists in sending emails to several recipients at the same time in a targeted way. It is important to separate the recipients according to their needs.

4. Content on earned media

You would do well to exploit the content generated for free by your former users, such as photos, videos, blog comments, etc. They will bring confidence in your products for future buyers. There is evidence that positive opinions from former users have a significant influence on the chances of buying.

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