What is a Lookalike audience?

What is a Lookalike audience?

A Lookalike Audience is a way to target a new audience who might or might not know your business but who is likely to be interested in it. That is to say, to reach a cold audience and make them your future customers! 


When you create a lookalike audience, you identify all the common qualities of the people that already have interactions with your page – that is to say customise from your best audience. They are your potential customers-to-be! You can use plenty of information like demographic information or interests. Don’t forget that Facebook knows a lot about its users. Although data are kept anonymously, advertisers can widen or scope their target through those available data.  By matching all its users’ data with its algorithms, Facebook helps you to determine your cold audiences.


Lookalike audience’s functionalities

First of all, with only a single base audience you can generate up to 500 lookalike audiences. You decide from your base audience size and the relevance of data you want to use. You can create custom audiences with different parameters. For example, you can create a video audience if you plan to launch a video-based campaign and your lookalike audience will target video-friendly users. This enables you to best align with your campaign goals, and choose the most accurate communication tool with each audience (video, recent website visitors, email and more). 

Then, you can also choose the size of the cold audience you want to reach depending on the country. Facebook offers you a scale from 1-to-10 per cent, where the smaller your lookalike audience is, the more similar it is to your base audience.  Depending on your goal, you can adjust the percentage: if you’re optimizing for similarity, aim for a smaller audience. For reach, go large. This functionality helps you to pinpoint the right locations and test different lookalike audience size for different campaign goals.

Moreover, lookalike audiences update every three to seven days. This way, anybody who visits will be added to your lookalike audience. For example, if you’re adding a custom audience based on website visitors, you can target only those who have visited your website in the last 30 to 90 days.


And the benefits?

Lookalike audience is a wonderful and polyvalent tool to strengthen your digital strategy. It’s a time-saver and helps you to target the right customers to-be effortlessly. Whatever r final goal you’re aiming, whether it be optimizing similarity or going large, you can drive different strategies from the same base audience and assess the result. With all the available functionalities, try different strategies and find the one which fits the best your objectives. Lookalike audience allows you to personalize each of your content and campaign goal. Keeping all options in mind, use the right  marketing tools and perform at best


All in all, it has never been so easy to reach new cold audiences and gain visibility. So why hesitate? Start using a lookalike audience! 

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