Why you should try dropshipping

Why you should try dropshipping

First of all, you probably wonder what dropshipping is. It is simply a form of e-commerce whereby the selling website does not hold stocks and has its end customer delivered directly by its supplier. The merchant is responsible for generating sales and the supplier is responsible for the production and shipment of the products. System used by the well-known Amazon or Ebay.

So what are the advantages of dropshipping?


1. For the merchant

As said before, the trader does not take care of the stock of products, which is very profitable for his budget. Indeed, he does not need a starting stock for his activity, which is often quite large. No need to worry about ordering too much stock or not enough.

Another advantage is that the merchant has no need to take care of logistics, which is a time-consuming job and not accessible to everyone.

Thanks to dropshipping, the trader can concentrate entirely on his work : selling.


2. For the supplier

This e-commerce solution offers advantages for both partners.

E-commerce seems accessible to everyone, but it requires some resources and skills.

The supplier if he wants to sell on internet must invest in a high-performance distribution website, which can be a significant sum.

Moreover, it is not enough to have a high-performance website, it is not enough to guarantee sales. Selling on internet is a business in its own right and requires expertise that a supplier does not necessarily have.

Thanks to dropshipping, tasks are divided between the merchant and the supplier. Everyone does what they do best and together they develop an e-commerce.

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