Be efficient with your mailing campaign

Be efficient with your mailing campaign

Mail is one of the most used marketing tools and it is the very profitable. Mailing remains the most effective way to prospect, retain and create long term relations with clients. It is quite complicated to create a successful mailing campaign because we all receive so many mails per day. Just to give you an order, 156 million of mails were sent every minute in 2017.

As a web agency, we know how internet is working. It is why after reading this article you will be able to create a successful mailing campaign. I am going to give you some precious tips to help you in this very complex task.

  • Get inspired by the best emails from other sectors

I mean, it is not easy to find relevant subject. What I can suggest to you, is to stock in a folder all mails who caught your eyes the most when you received it. Like this, you will have good examples of successful mails where you can pick ideas when you will need to. Of course you will have to adapt your mail depending on your business.

  • Stake on emotional triggers

You have to think about your subject to encourage your readers to learn more about it and open your mail. You can find some examples:

  • Propose a nonrefundable promotion : my training for 1$
  • Offert a gift : 10$ of discount
  • Use the fear: wearing, mistake
  • Reawaken competitive spirit : overshoot your competitors

The time of your readers is precious, in less than 3 seconds they have to know why you are sending an email. Today, people are busy, they don’t have the time to read a long mail with lot of information, you need to get to the essential, be brief and specific. In few lines, summarize your message, bring it to the head of added values of your offer.

Furthermore, its very important to customize your content to strengthen the impact of your message. In order to establish a good relation with them, your readers have to think they are unique and you’re proposing something only for themselves. Show that you know them personally.

Lastly, take the opportunity to know better your contact by introducing a call or a meeting at the end for your mail.
The 3 last point I want to highlight with you are: you may include pictures to have a nice looking and interest your readers. Before you send your mail you have to test it because your mail could be not visible depending the mail box used. And don’t forget to put an unsubscribe link at the end of your mail.

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Mailing campaign is a hard task for all marketers, you have to be eye-catching, relevant and brief. This article will help you to create powerful mail.
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