Social listening, are you listening to your market ?

Social listening, are you listening to your market ?

On social media, thousands of conversations take place every second between users. Among these Internet users are your competitors, your employees, as well as your current and potential customers. They discuss your industry, your market, and perhaps even your business. But what are they saying? You just have to listen…

What is social listening ?

Social listening is about following social channels about your brand, your competitors, your products and any other topic or theme related to your business. The collected data are then analyzed to extract useful and concrete information.

Social listening will allow you to:

1.Stay informed about the latest trends in your industry

Do you really know your target audience? It is essential to adapt your social media strategy to your target audience if you want to get your attention. Now, with social listening tools, you can easily determine the buzz topics in your industry, the content format your customers prefer, and the hashtags they use.

For example, Buzzsumo allows you to identify the most popular articles on the web according to the keyword

2.Follow the brand health

Analyzing the feedback from your consumers will help you understand the overall feeling about your brand. By comparing the numbers of negative and positive mentions, you can visualize how your brand is doing.

3.Keep an eye on your competitors

You may know what they say about you … But what do they say about your competitors? Obtaining or maintaining a competitive advantage is crucial for businesses. For this, you need to know what your competitors are doing and what consumers think of them. This will help you set a price, control your launch dates, and ultimately make your products more attractive than those of your competitors.

4.Process customer claims in real time

Listening to social media is a great way to keep up to date with the issues your customers are likely to encounter. Social listening can react in real time to problems and ensure effective customer service.

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