How to write a linkedin publication like a professional ?

How to write a linkedin publication like a professional ?

LinkedIn is the largest network of entrepreneurs and professionals on the web. LinkedIn has now over 500 million members in 2019.  According to Business Insider Intelligence, TechCrunch & Fortune, LinkedIn has officially crossed the half-billion user mark in 2017.

Publishing on LinkedIn by adopting the best practices allows you to see your brand awareness and business opportunities grow exponentially with each new click, “like” and comment. 59% of B2B marketers say LinkedIn generates leads for their business.

Here are 10 essential points to build quality content on LinkedIn and really make the difference:

1. Address yourself to the good audience

Before writing, clearly define what is your ideal target. This target needs you. So, how can you help him concretely and usefully? A good way to do this is to define a priority ideal target and issue an identity card: who are they? What are they doing? What is their need? How do they inform each other? How do they decide?

2. The right keywords

If it is true that you write for your targets first, you also publish for the search engines (Google), and also for social media where you can share your content (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest …).

You have to pay attention to the keywords, to insert in your title and text, with short and percussive titles that makes you want to read the articles. Remember within your LinkedIn publications, that your articles can be shared, “liked” and commented.

3. Add value to your content

Each published article must bring added value for your target. It can be to solve a problem, include some links to essential resources or get involved by positioning yourself as an expert.

4. Add visuals in your publication 

The video is certainly the format that generates the most commitments. So why not enjoy it ?

5. Publish at the right time and at the right frequency 

It is recommended to publish once a day on Linkedin and 3 to 5 times a week minimum. Overall, LinkedIn publications have more reach in the morning.

If you’re new to this, start by using the AIDA formula which summarizes the four key steps of the sales process and therefore an effective marketing action. It can easily be applied to publishing on social networks.

– Capture the attention: you must carefully choose your words and the images that illustrate them to attract attention and arouse curiosity.

– Generate interest: You need to focus on customer benefits or the benefits of your post for your community. You can also speak directly to your fans by asking a question or asking them questions.

– The desire: if the words appeal to the rational, the images and the videos relate to the emotional one. The desire pushes users to click on a link, so you must carefully choose your multimedia content during a publication.

– The action: your publications must lead the user to perform an action such as clicking on a link, comment, put a “like” or share your post. The more interactions there are, the greater the scope of your future publications.

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