A/B Testing: The secret weapon of marketers

A/B Testing: The secret weapon of marketers

In the world of digital marketing, A/B testing is a critical step when you want to optimize your website or mobile.

However, this technique is not used as much as we would think, yet, it has many benefits for your business that you would never have thought of.


A/B testing is a statistical analysis method that analyzes two or more versions of the same content, to compare performance and determine which version gets the best results.

This method can be used in many areas of Digital Marketing, such as emailing, setting up websites, forms, banners, advertising visuals Adwords (Google advertising program), etc.

The goal is to select the most suitable version for your customers.

This is why you should use the A/B testing:

  • It will increase your sales

If you have an e-commerce site, you will be able to perform A/B tests on your home pages and product sheets in order to optimize them as much as possible. Therefore, you will bring the greatest number of visitors to make a purchase on your site.

  • A user-oriented tool

Conducting tests will allow you to set up the website as close as possible to your audience. You will be able to understand the exact needs and expectations of your targets. This will allow you in the long run to have a customized message.

  • Remove the risk factor…

… and the subjectivity of your decision-making by adopting a test culture and validating all your optimization hypotheses.

  • Time & money-saving

Focus your efforts (and your money) on what works best for your entire audience through what you’ve learned with your tests

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