Boost your visibility with the use of video

Boost your visibility with the use of video

In 2019, video will account for 80% of global internet traffic, 95 times more than in 2005 (Cisco report). The numbers speak for themselves and show that the use of video is growing very fast.


Today, video can be visible everywhere, whether it’s on our phone, computer or tablet, this type of communication can adapt to any support.


A video not only lends credibility to your message, it also showcases authority to the viewer in a matter of minutes.

Moreover, a high-quality and engaging video draws interest and keeps viewers hooked for a longer duration. This is especially true for visual audiences who would rather watch than read content.


Today, search engines take into account video results as well as “textual” results in the form of articles, sites or others. Video is a great way to improve your SEO and increase your visibility.


It is estimated that a page that contains a video can double the time spent by the user on the site and that a landing page with a video results in a conversion rate 80% higher than a page that does not have one.


Here are some tips to optimize your videos and make them more visible to the world:

1. Feel free to post your video on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, your website and any other video platform

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, so being present there can understandably help new people find you and potentially drive traffic to your site.

2. Also care about the quality of your video (Step highly recommended)

3. Optimize the metadata (title of the video and description tags) to promote your SEO

4. Allow comments under your video and offer a share bar on social networks. The more a video is shared, the better it will be referenced.

The goal is to create content that generates traffic around. The number of views in your video has an impact on its placement in the search results pages of a search engine.


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