Website Development Trends in 2022


Website Development Trends in 2022

Coming into 2022, website development stands to be one of the biggest demands for all businesses due to the number of people that uses the internet today. Companies around the world are either starting to build their own websites or are looking for ways to optimize their current websites. In fact, software developers have flushed the market with multiple applications and tools that can help beginners build their websites from scratch. Small businesses have also begun improving or building their website to catch up with the game. Due to this, entrepreneurs and business owners should look into the current trends of website development this year as well as what may carry on to the following year.




One of the trends that businesses should look at is the idea of automation. AI-powered tools are continuing to improve to the extent of providing productivity for developers to build safe and effective codes. This is also an important factor to look at because not only promotes productivity but also reduced the human workload or streamlines workflows. Many companies have started following this route by adding chatbots, content generators, or email marketing tools to their website. 

Minimalism is another trend that is being looked at for website development. The idea of minimalism doesn’t necessarily mean the design aspect of it all, but more on the coding of building a website for software solutions. What this means is that there are plugins and tools in the market today that help build websites without going using technical knowledge or writing complicated codes. This allows developers to build websites easily while having easy workflow automation.




Another continuing trend dating from 2015 is Progressive Web Apps, also known as PWA. PWA basically functions as a bridge between native apps and traditional web pages. Think of it as having an application running on all rounds. Instead of building a native application, your website can act as an application for all users for efficiency and for fewer complications in code writing. The benefits that come with PWAs are great user experiences, cost-effectiveness, and instant updating. 

The last trend that is considered the most important in the list is responsiveness. When it comes to website traffic, research shows that about 70% of the traffic comes from mobile phones or tablets. The reason why responsiveness is so important is that users’ patience is lower meaning that is it very likely for them to bounce to another website if the website is not responsive to their expectations. 

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