4 Graphic design tips that will make your mobile UI stand out!

Whether you want to create a website with a responsive design or a mobile app for your business, user interface or UI will make a big difference between a poorly designed website and an excellent one. But if you follow these are four graphic design tips, your website or a mobile app will look much better and distinguishable from the other ones.

1. Use original Icons

The first thing you need to know is, even the most icon sets look alright and readable, but sometimes they are a bit bland. However, you can make your website or a mobile app look much better by using an icon set that matches your business brand identity. The difference might seem little yet they are noticeable enough for users to make them feel it!

2. Make use of unusual fonts

Everyone knows that the basic typefaces are the foundation of great design. Yet you can make your website on a mobile app look slick and engaging with those unusual fonts. Because with the correct use, it will differentiate the original web and app designs from the rest. So look for the unique typefaces that you feel pairable with your classic and readable ones.

3. Colour palette matters

The Colour palette plays a big part in web and mobile app design. With the right one, you can make users recognize your website easier and help them navigate through the site. Find a color palette that matches your brand identity design and your website or mobile app will look more astonishing!

4. Play with shadows

A bland web or mobile app design will eventually make users feel bored. But adding colourful shadows will make a noticeable difference for your audience. Try using the shadows with the same colour as the object and blur it nicely and your website or mobile app will look much better.


These clear steps to improve the graphic design will make your UI look more surprising than your competitors. The next time you create a graphic design on any project, you will see the difference after using these techniques

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