Why can a blog only bring you benefits for your e-commerce website ?

Why can a blog only bring you benefits for your e-commerce website ?

At the beginning of an e-commerce website, the first objective is to bring customers back to the website in question. This is not easy to do, especially when you are not yet making money and therefore difficult to invest in advertising.

Here are some reasons why making a blog can help you in this task.


1. Improve your SEO

The goal of SEO is to position your website in the first results of search engines and thus increase traffic to it. Google algorithm searches web sites for content that answers visitors’ questions. By offering a blog with rich content, tips, trends, etc., Google will take an interest in your website and rank you higher.

2.Give credibility to your website

With the blog you become the advisor and not the seller. The visitor will therefore be reassured and will have confidence in you and your products/services. The blog will bring credibility to your products/services and create a link with your visitors and customers. 

3. Take the opportunity to make yourself known on social networks

Social networks today are taking a big place in online marketing. It is easy and recommended to use this tool to develop your business. By writing a blog, you give your readers the opportunity to share your blog on their social networks and thus enjoy a natural referencing.

4. Understanding your customer

Thanks to your blog you will be able to start a conversation with your customers. In this way they will express themselves on their opinions, their interests and their needs. And you will then be able to understand how your products can meet their needs. You will also create a link with your customers.

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