4 tips to have an e-commerce website better than your competitors

4 tips to have an e-commerce website better than your competitors

Today, most business have a website, it has become essential to offer online offers. It is therefore essential to have a quality website to differentiate yourself from your competitors who also have their own website.

Here are some tips to help you stand out.


1. Build a mobile responsive website

Surveys show that more than 53,67 % of the e-commerce market is mobile responsive.

90 % of customers who have an impressive mobile experience with an e-commerce web site are likely to purchase after. This means a poor mobile responsive web site will make you lose the sales and lead in the market.

Moreover, by making your website more mobile responsive you increase your ranking on Google, its algorithm takes into account the mobile friendly of your site.

2. A video for you website

Making a presentation video by showing your product or service will give you a great advantage over your competitors. Visitors appreciate having a creative visual when they visit a site, which will then make them want to know more about your site and its services. Once again, this will also allow you to improve your ranking on Google, which will give you more visibility.

3. Get reviews on your products

It’s very simple, just use the purchases of your former customers. Ask them to leave notices after the purchase.

There is evidence that positive reviews from former users have a significant influence on the chances of buying. They will bring confidence in your products for future buyers and so it boosts the conversion ratio of a website.

4. Have a mobile application

Today, nearly 80% of Internet connections are made via a smartphone. It is very interesting to take this opportunity to develop a mobile application. With an application you create a link with your customers, the fact that they download it and already a sign of commitment. The application allows you to easily access your content with a single click. You can also send notifications to users to request them.

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