4 facebook trends for 2019

4 facebook trends for 2019

Facebook is still the most famous social network in the world, with 1.5 trillion visits every day. All these are opportunities for your business to gain visibility.
These four potential trends for 2019 are must-knows if you want to be successful.

1.  Video
In recent years, video advertising on Facebook has worked very well. Video production allows you to do a storytelling and therefore interests people more, who will be more likely to learn about your business.

2. AR/ VR ads
Augmented and virtual reality is a trend in artificial intelligence and is increasingly being used. Advertising on Facebook with 3D videos, augmented reality, 360-degree video can provide a more realistic experience for prospects and give them confidence in your brand. These technologies are booming, so this is an opportunity to seize quickly to differentiate yourself from others.

3. Variety
To differentiate yourself from all the advertisements that can be found, you will need to know how to vary your advertisements. Most ads are often the same and are likely to annoy viewers.

4.  Consumer-generated content
On your social networks, including Facebook, you can repost your users’ content. This means product pictures, comments and reviews about your brand or products. This type of publication will reassure potential customers and demonstrate the quality of your business.

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