Top 5 of the most common Black Hat practices

If you don’t know yet what are White Hat and Black Hat practices, I strongly advise you to read our article about it before to read this top.Otherwise, let’s go to the forbidden and exciting dark side of the SEO force :

Top 5 Black Hat practices :

  • Hidden content : the main principle is to hide stuff in your website, by writing with a white font on a white background like this :          (just kidding there is nothing written in the gap). The user will not be able to read it but the search engine will, so you can add massive unintelligible content and keywords to improve indexing.
  • Meta Keywords : Meta keywords should be a short list of words to inform search engines of what your page is talking about. They have been so misused in the past that there are only a few search engines which still take heed of them. Actually, this practice is exactly about misusing them by spamming a big list of words.
  • Meta Keywords stuffing : The other must-fill meta tag to inform search engine is meta description. As I previously said, search engine are now able to find out if you’re spamming keywords in the meta keywords section. So this practice is about putting your keywords in other meta sections, like meta description, even if it doesn’t make any sense.
  • Doorway or Gateway Pages : They are pages designed for the search engine and not the user. They are basically fake pages that are stuffed with content and the end user never sees these pages because they are automatically redirected to the target page so it’s the same spirit as the Hidden content practice.
  • Link Farming : It’s a very common practice which consist in putting your website link on many pages to improve your ranking because the more websites are leading to yours, the more the search engine will consider you as a good site. However, we’re not talking here about posting your link on a few websites but using a link farm to post thousands of links on unrelated websites.

Actually, all those are less effective day after day because of the search engine progress but there are also new Black Hat practices appearing everyday, creating like an endless fight between both.

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What is the Black Hat SEO and how to do it ? top 5 of the most common Black Hat practices. Black Hat is forbidden and can bring a search engine to strike you.
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