Digital trends in 2019

Digital trends in 2019

With the latest innovations in digital technologies, you do not know where to turn and wonder what direction to guide your digital marketing strategy for the coming year?
To stay in touch in the digital age, the key is to keep abreast of news. Those trends will allow you to stay competitive.



New concrete application of Artificial Intelligence. You may have probably already met while surfing the web. These are for example dialogue windows (chat) allowing you to ask a question about a product or service site that you are visiting.

Also called virtual assistants, these little robots are here to guide customers and meet their expectations and thus allow them to finalize their purchases faster.

Expected to replace or supplement customer services, these bots should help companies improve the conversion funnel (i.e. the customer journey from entry to the website until the finalization of its purchase), and generate savings.


Video has become an indispensable format for brands. 74% of consumers believe that there is a link between videos viewed on social networks and their purchasing decisions. (source DNA)

On the social medias, Facebook has been promoting video content in news feeds for a long time. Linkedin recently adopted the same approach by offering native videos.

The videos on the social media make it possible to obtain a commitment and a visibility clearly superior to the other types of publications (image, link, status …).


It is well known that customers trust their peers more than advertising. The authenticity is the strongest.

Indeed, 90% of consumers trust the recommendations of their peers against only 33% who trust traditional advertising. As a result, your customers can help you talk about your products / services.

Brands have realized how important it is to build consumer loyalty and commitment, and create strategies to make them true ambassadors.

Since people trust people more than brands, influence marketing or celebrity marketing has been, and remains, on the rise.



Expenses for partnerships with influencers are expected to exceed $ 5 billion to $ 10 billion by 2020. Influencers are now being solicited by dozens of brands. The more they are solicited, the more expensive they are.

Hence the rise of micro-influencers who, conversely, have small targeted and active communities.

They offer huge potential to companies that want to develop a strategy of influence on social networks.


Stories, these ephemeral formats that last only 24 hours.

Introduced by Snapchat then Instagram and Facebook later, they are now available on all the largest social networks.

It’s an ever-evolving phenomenon, when there are already more than 400 million Instagram users doing Stories every day.

Also, 80% of Instagram users follow brands. Therefore, companies have every interest in seizing this trend.


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