What is a Conversion Funnel and How to Apply it with your Business

What is a Conversion Funnel and How to Apply it with your Business

If you want to start an eCommerce business, a conversion funnel can come handy to increase your sales. A conversion funnel is the progress of eCommerce that assists customers with the stages of digital advertising of search systems and converts them into an actual sale. Each stage serves its own purpose to the customers.

Here are four basics of conversion funnels that will give you a better understanding on how the customer’s journey works.

1. Awareness.

Just like its name, this stage focuses on attracting customers to your platforms which can be done by various methods. For instance, digital advertising, social media, marketing campaigns, even search engines. The more you can attract people in this stage, the more numbers of customers will follow you to the next step.

2. Interest.

After you’ve gained an amount of customers, what do you do next? In the next stage, the funnel focuses on making your products or brand seem interesting by any means you see fit to gain their approval for the next stage. For instance, an engaging content, intriguing offers, or elegantly designed visuals can come in action. The end result will help you determine which strategy needs to be improved.



3. Desire. 

Once you have grasped the audience’s attention in your product, the next procedure is gaining their trust, and making them want to purchase it. In addition, if they are a high qualified customer, try to tweak your tactics to encourage them to the final stage.

4. Action.

The final and most important stage is the action stage. The final stage requires you to turn those qualified customers into an actual sale. However, if the amount of customers decreased at this stage, it can be an indication that the upper funnels need changes.




By now, you should have a better understanding of the conversation funnels and the purpose of each stage. It is vital for your business to develop a structural and strong funnel that turns your audience to actual sales. Hence, the smallest improvements could drastically impact your final goal. Moreover, improvements can also be made to your conversion funnel to understand your customer’s needs better.

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