Why and how to create a strong Stories Ads strategy?

Why and how to create a strong Stories Ads strategy?

Stories ads are an immersive and impactful format to engage your Social Media audiences. 

As a social media agency in Bangkok we would like to introduce stories ads which are a full-screen immersive creative format on top of your News Feed. They look just like organic posts and let people on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger view and share everyday moments. The photos and videos stories disappear within 24 hours. When one Story ends, another one begins. Once you are in the format, it’s easy to access a continuous stream of full-screen content. Story ads give you the opportunity to link with your organic post content. This helps your brand reach objectives such as lead generation, brand awareness, reach or conversions.

How to make a story ad?

First to get an immersive ad you have to meet basic requirements (vertical, resolution, length, size). Then before posting it, select your marketing objectives – name your ad set, refine your audience, targeting, and budgeting.

Catch the attention

It’s important to catch the viewer’s attention immediately so here are a few checkmarks:

  •   High-quality media – to get a strong impression quickly
  •   Put your stamp on it – users won’t be able to return to them later, so it’s important that they grasp the message of your ad in the first few seconds
  •   Volume and music – most of the stories are seen with the sound one
  •   Carousel –  three panels of 15-second video represent a  real competitive advantage by offering a more in-depth and compelling glimpse into your brand.

How to prevent swipe-through?

In order to stand out from the crowd, use Facebook custom audiences particularly Lookalike audience. This way, you will improve your targeting and your campaign will get more impacts. In fact, lookalike audience helps you reach your cold audiences who may be interested in your brand, and target the right persons. With lookalike audience and its carousel, brands like Michael Kors yielded a 20% higher return on ad spending and a 3% higher click-through rate.  

All in all, stories ads have an incredible potential for your brand to offer immersive experiences to your customers. It’s the future of the brand identity and perfect way to engage customers. Nevertheless, a real strategy social media strategy needs to be planned out. 

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