Why be an influencer on LinkedIn could be helpful ?

Did you know that you can become an influencer in the professional social network LinkedIn? This is a special status delivered by LinkedIn to people like Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Richard Branson and a lot of others.

A Linkedln influencer can be like a blogger who publish content on his profile. Now, you can publish articles directly on LinkedIn rather than on a blog or on a platform. The advantage is to diffuse on your own profile or on your company page. Indeed, the publications appear on the news feeds of other users and it also depends on their work, formation, function, company, a career like Facebook proceeds right now. You publish and share quality content and regularly.

Be an influencer offer you a lot of opportunities, thanks to this gratifying status you can :

  • increase your visibility
  • put your expert assessment in the spotlight
  • develop your community
  • consolidate your content marketing strategy
  • generate new prospects
  • gain new customers
  • make “personal branding” with your employees and directors
  • strengthen your employment brand

To become an Influencer LinkedIn you have to make a request on the social network website. LinkedIn give you the possibility to build your professional brand thanks to your expertise by posting photos, images, presentations, articles… You have professional experience so you have expertise and advices to share. The social media are a good way to hear yourself spoken.
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Influencer is a special status delivered by LinkedIn to people who have a huge community and ask for it. It offers you great opportunities and help. Pimclick
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