UX Design Trends in 2022


UX Design Trends in 2022


As the internet continues to involve, so does the production of website development with the fancy new technologies and features that can change the user’s expectations with any digital products. Whether it will be on a website or an application, there are new expectations from users today. It is the goal of a digital marketing agency to make sure that they are up to date with the current trends and that the customers are constantly meeting the demands and expectations with strong satisfaction. Going into this, we can have a look at some of the UX design trends in 2022 that will most likely carry on to 2023.


Have you ever wondered how current applications such as Netflix or Spotify are able to pick up recommendations that you are likely to engage with? This is the result of application personalization. Whatever content you are currently viewing will be analyzed by technology to formulate a personality of its own that fits your liking. Lucky for you, this particular feature is improving drastically to the point where it is a factor that cannot be neglected. Hyper-personalization is expected to play a big role in the UX industry for customer satisfaction. Whether it’s a website or an application, it’s important that designers allow the users to take control of their own actions to build a personality.

3D Design and Animation

It is clear as a day that modern design has improved intensively with the help of multiple tools that are available to the market. What a lot of designers are experimenting with right now is the implementation of 3D design and animation into their work. Although it is still a common practice with every brand to stay minimalistic (especially as this is a modern trend right now), brands are looking to transition into a unique and niche creativity to put a little excitement to the user interface. This is where the addition of AR and VR also comes to play as this technology will continue to improve and slowly become an important factor in the digital space.


Just as personalization and modern design are important to UX designs today, it is also important to integrate micro-interactions for a better user experience. You can think of it as a form of your users interacting with your website in a playful manner to keep them engaged and interested to see what more you have to offer. Once again, this can either be in a website or in an application, there are ways to improve your work. Some other additions that modern websites are also doing are enhancing the curser which can also produce interactions for the user.

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