Utilizing Social Media in 2022

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Utilizing Social Media in 2022

The Social Media game is continuously changing as time flies by with the different trends being introduced. As a business, it is important that you are up to date with the trends and that you learn how to utilize social media properly as we move into 2023. As everything evolves on the internet, you should also be fitting your strategy to the right trends.

The first trend that you might have figured out by now is that Tiktok is becoming the most important social media platform today. Although Instagram and Facebook still take the top of being of the biggest social media platforms in the modern era, Tiktok is showing increases in users like no other. Just as of 2022, Tiktok has seen an increase of nearly 50% in users which is a drastic increase today. With its unique storytelling by using videos similar to previous platforms like Musically or Vine, Tiktok continues to grow and will likely be on the top in 2023.

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Another likely trend that has been pushed in 2022 and will continue to be pushed into 2023 is the concept of purchasing goods and services through the platforms. Ever since the global pandemic in late 2019, stores have made their way by building their online presence and by selling their products through different social media platforms. As these platforms saw the rise of this concept, they have improved the way you can purchase certain products and services by being creative. This has led to customers heading to certain platforms to make purchases easily.

Short Videos have also made their way into the modern era. Aside from Youtube, the days are gone now when you are required to upload a long video onto social media platforms like Instagram or Tiktok. With the attention span, humans have these days, it is important to build your brand awareness with just 15-30 seconds to keep your customers intrigued. Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms have already introduced different features like stories and reels where you can post short videos to present to your customers.

Lastly, you will need to start spending big bucks on advertising spending in all social media platforms. As a business start to understand the importance of social media use for their business, they will slowly be jumping train into using them and integrating parts of their business online. This essentially means bigger and stronger competition for you which will become a bloodbath for those trying to sell their brand. Although this may be an advantage for small businesses, it is still important to get into it to make sure you get the most engagement.

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