Understand the Google algorithms

Understand the Google algorithms

To have a good Google ranking, it’s essential to understand how works its algorithms.

Each Google algorithm has a well defined mission. However, they have a common objective: to give the best possible answer to their user. They determine which sites must go up in the search results following the key words typed by the internet users. For this, the algorithms are based on more than 200 criteria. Among them, the most importants are:

Understand the Google algorithms

  • Relevance and quality of content
  • Keywords of the page
  • The structure of the page
  • The notoriety of the site/pages
  • The technical performance of the site/pages

Here the principal Google algorithms:

  • Google Panda

The Panda algorithm assesses the quality of the content. In fact, Panda fights against sites publishing many content of poor quality and inconsistent for the only purpose of generating advertising and audience.

  • Google Penguin

The goal of this algorithm is to penalize the website who have abused over-optimization techniques of SEO. Usually, it is the creation of artificial outgoing links. Penguin hunts for linking operations (netlinking, link exchanges…) considered too aggressive. If you want more information concerning the black hat practices, click here.

  • Google Humminbird

This algorithm helps Google to interpret search queries better with the artificial intelligence.  Hummingbird allows a page to be classified for a query even if it does not contain the exact words entered by the searcher. This is done using natural language processing.

  • Mobile Geddon

This algorithm is for the mobile utilisation. It can analyse if the websites are optimised for the mobile.

  • Pigeon

This algorithm added in 2014 concerns localization. It allows you to search for a company according to its geographical location.

If you want more information concerning the methods for optimize your indexing in Google, contact us here.

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Discover what are the principal is algorithms of Google and how they work. It will allow you to better understand how have a good referencing in Google.
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