Web application

Pimclick, a web agency based in Bangkok, offer many web­related services, web applications are one of them. A web application is a software application hosted on a server and accessible through web browsers (Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) or through an intranet network. Contrary to a classic software, web applications do not need to be installed on users’ computers: all you need to do is be connected on the web application through any web browser to access to the application. The aim of a web application is to give the user an experience and features matching classic softwares installed on computers, using development technologies equal to the ones used in website conception. Creating web application requires a perfect control of the different encoding type, such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc. Dynamism and ergonomics of these web applications come from the fact that they contain various widgets that you can manipulate and send new queries. In a nutshell, web applications are living web pages reacting to your solicitation and obeying you.


Why ?

Web applications include many different forms: games, search engines, geo­tracking, mail, professionalsoftwares, etc. They present many advantages that we are going to detail. Web applications offer many advantages to the user: open system without duties, development costs reduced, total compatibility with browsers, adaption to all screen sizes, consultation permitted off­line, an easier indexing, great SEO, immediate updates and total independence from application stores. The main advantage of web applications using languages such as HTML5 is that they don’t need other components like Google Gears, Adobe Flash Player or Microsoft Silverlight to work well. They can show videos and soundtracks, or integrate “drop and drag”, making them accessible from whatever device. Moreover, their developing costs are reduced and they are faster to set up. Finally, they are in constant evolution et offer new functionalities over the time. For example, file storage and off­line management are today available. Furthermore, the advertiser is independent concerning his web applications and his app store. Indeed, he does not suffer from the control and the permanent pressure we can get from application stores like AppStore or Android Market, and does not have to pay any commission. Applications are therefore inescapable nowadays for any company and allow to win
greater acceptance among competitors by offering many exploitation possibilities.


What is the future for web applications ?

Computing and Internet being totally inescapable today, everyone got to use web applications everyday. At work, for instance, you communicate through internet et use web applications such as Outlook, payroll, setting vacation or scoring applications, etc. On internet, at home, you revel by playing or buying online thanks to these web applications. They evolve non­stop, as well on desk computers as on smartphones. Thanks to more and more developed coding languages, such as HTML5, web applications will not stop evolving, to guarantee even more performance, handling and fun. Contact us for furthermore information about web application.