Proof from Google That CTR is a Ranking Factor ​

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Proof from Google That CTR is a Ranking Factor ​

Here is a patent from Google titled “Modifying search result ranking based on implicit user feedback and a model of presentation bias” which says, at one point, the following:  

“[…] User reactions to particular search results or search result lists may be gauged, so that results on which users often click will receive a higher ranking.” Conclusion: CTR is an Important SEO Ranking Factor  

It seems clear, based on what numerous SEO experts have said, and based on what Google’s own engineers have volunteered, or been forced to say in lawsuits and patents, that the click-through rate is an important signal and ranking factor for organic search results.




Click-through Rate (CTR) is a highly important metric when understanding your ranking factor and how it relates to SEO. Simply put, finding out your click-through rate helps you understand how well your ad is doing on the internet. This is essentially the percentage of impressions that will result in a click. Knowing this percentage gives you a better view of what you can do the either improve or completely change your ad strategy.

If your ad had 1,000 impressions with only one click, then this is considered a 0.1% CTR. With this metric, you can identify whether your ads have a high CTR or a low CTR. Essentially, if users are viewing your ads but not clicking them, they are then finding your ad to be less relevant and effective. To be able to attract a customer to your website to make the desired action such as a purchase or to contact you, you will need to have a strong CTR for your ad’s relevancy.

CTR guide

Although CTR is relevant for SEO, you will still need to consider several factors such as the industry you are in, the keywords being used in your ad or the individual campaign that you are advertising. This can also impact how your CTR percentage is doing and help you make the necessary adjustments.

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