Improving Conversion On Your Paid Search Campaign By Using Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) As Key Metric

Improving Conversion On Your Paid Search Campaign By Using Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) As Key Metric

There are numerous paid search metrics but one of the most effective and efficient is Return On Ad Spend i.e ROAS. Every business wants to succeed in having a good performing paid search campaign and ROAS helps businesses to measure how effective their advertising strategy is.

The main objective behind any advertising campaign is to drive sales for your business. This is conveniently true when we talk about paid search. Majority of the paid search campaigns are targeting users who come very low in the sales funnel. Even though the cost of a paid search campaign is higher than other campaigns like display or social, the probability of turning a single click into a paying customer is also high in paid search campaigns.

ROAS makes sure that every single penny a user invests in a paid campaign is a good investment. The best quality of paid search advertising is its ability to connect with KPI. You can clearly get to know how much revenue is generated for spending on every keyword or ad. In no time you will be able to connect the dots and know how to best optimize your paid search ads. You can also decide which ads require more attention in terms of budget and which needs more work.

Below are a few tactics through which you can efficiently optimize your ROAS.

  • Refine Your Keywords – Use  a combination of narrow and long-tail keywords
  • Use Negative Keywords – Remove keywords that rarely get clicked and give you any conversion
  • Run a Brand Campaign- Search Campaigns that are branded get Better ROAS than Non branded campaigns
  • Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology to Adjust Your Bids in Real-Time- AI can now automatically adjust bid on an ongoing basis
  • Promote Seasonal and Time-Sensitive Offers- Showcasing relevant search ads  during the time when customers are most interested shall increase your ROAS
  • Tailor Your Landing Pages to Your Ads- Customize your landing pages and give a unique Call to action to increase conversion
  • Target By Location When Relevant- Be smart and advertise to customers you can only buy from your location
  • Bid Strategically for Ads on Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop – Different budget strategy for different devices can improve ROAS

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