Digital Strategy for Baker Tilly

Digital Strategy for Baker Tilly


1. Create awareness

The first objective is to be known from the business world in Thailand. Businesses in creation, in transition or dealing with management issues have to be aware that Bakertilly is there to assist them in all their business’ issues and help them to grow.

2. Build an engaged community

The Bakertilly’s social media should not only give information on its services but also give general information, news, tips in order to create confidence between the company and its audience. The community

3. Be the reference

For now, the consulting market in Thailand is not too crowded, this is the perfect occasion to communicate enough to become the reference


To achieve the objectives, we need to present Baketilly’s expertise and services, but more than anything, we need to enter our target’s daily lives. We need to identify what is important for our audience, identify what matters for them and provide them what they need. That implies giving them information about what is new in business’ environment, giving them free tips.

By doing that we will become a reference for them, they will follow Bakertilly’s accounts because they will know that they will then receive several times a week inputs that will help them before even searching for it.

Following that strategy, we will build an engaged and committed community, that is what will create leads, they will identify Bakertilly as a reference and a company that is to be trusted and committed to their potential clients.


1. Create adequate content

Content is the key to build a community and generate leads through time. It has to be balanced between news, advice and present the company. We must create a bound in order to create a reflex in businesses minds. All the content that we will publish has one objective: to be top of mind when they will need to contact a consulting company. That is why we propose to categorize our content in the following way:

a. Services

Here we present Bakertilly’s expertise: accounting, law, HR…
This is also the occasion to integrate a human dimension with employees’ quotations or interviews…

b. Sectors

Here is the occasion to show that they know their domains. We can give key information on agriculture, health, industry…
The idea is to show the audience that they can be trusted and that they are the reference on these subjects.

c. News / advises

In this category we can give information about new tax law or new regulations… This way Bakerlilly can also be used as a media. People will follow the page because it gives them inputs and updates, we are becoming useful to the users in their daily life.

d. Questions

Here we want to engage the community by asking them questions about their concerns on a subject.
We can also launch quizzes to test their knowledge. This is also a way to know our audience better and fine tune our targeting and ads strategies.

2. Post on a regular basis

We strongly recommend posting on a regular basis in order to always be present in our audience’s mind but publishing daily is not necessary as it can be seen as too intrusive. Three times a week is a good beginning as it will allow to evaluate how the audience is reacting and interacting and adjust our strategy through time according to the results.

3. Have a strong ads strategy

It is important to know that we cannot rely on our community/followers with social media. The past few months and years Facebook and Instagram changed their algorithm because they noticed that brands having big community could advertise freely. Seeing that, they changed their strategy in order that if you do not pay your content is not seen even by your own community.

That is why we have to define what is our target who we want to speak to by selecting socio-demographic’s criterion and interests.

4. Set a tone

The way we will talk to the audience is essential. Woking in a services industry, it has to be professional, but also comforting and reassuring. The audience has to feel that we are caring, that we understand their needs and that we are here to assist them, meaning that we need to balance between corporate and friendly language.

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