It’s Time to Level Up Your Marketing Game

It’s Time to Level Up Your Marketing Game

Sales and marketing went digital long ago, but many enterprises are still struggling with this shift. It’s all about content, blogs, web copy, social media, videos, and paid ad campaigns.  Compared to traditional marketing, you can now reach a much broader demographic a lot more affordably and effectively.

But what happens when you tell your digital marketing team to design an effective digital marketing strategy or come up with a video strategy to make you viral? Do you have a content plan for 2021? Are you already rolling out your online promotions for Christmas, or do you feel like you are always playing catch up?

In-house marketing teams tend to be inefficient, usually outdated, and expensive. It’s a delicate balance between keeping costs down and having a large enough team of the talent needed to make an effective marketing department.

Unable to reconcile these two extremes, forward-thinking executives are opting to outsource their marketing to agencies, and it’s working! This is why.

1. Efficient

Here at Pimclick, we recently worked with Eau de Spa – Wellness Home Products. The company was spending more than $10,000 a month only to sell 200 items a month – hardly a good ROI. Ninety days later and with our experienced team on board, Wellness Home Products is only spending $5,000 a month and selling over 280 items a month, and the graph is set to go much higher.

Efficiency is the only way to hack the market. You’ve got to get the attention of the market organically, which is why inbound marketing is such an important concept. It allows you to maximize ROI more than ever before and create a lasting relationship with your buyers.




2. On top of their game

Digital marketing agencies are made of specialists in the field. You have career copywriters, veteran web designers, top-level strategists, and digital marketers, all working together to deliver an unbeatable marketing force.

Market competition demands that such agencies stay on top of the game of fall through the cracks. For example, top agencies get their teams to attend the most reputable digital marketing conferences to meet, network, and share ground-breaking insights. When was the last time you sponsored such an event for your team?

Outsourcing your virtual marketing needs to the right agency means you get cutting-edge skills, teams that are continually evolving and improving, and all streamlined to deliver the best for your brand.

3. Access to a broader range of talent

You can bet not many brands have a full virtual marketing team at hand with all skillsets represented. You might have a social media analyst, a digital marketer with a vague job description, and perhaps a web designer coupling as the IT team. All these people will need a paycheck and various benefits, but are they truly pulling their weight when it comes to generating leads and, by extension, revenue?

On the other hand, an agency will have all the talent you need to transform your digital marketing journey. Skilled copywriters, experienced strategists, web designers, video marketing experts, and anyone else you can think of. The whole team right from the writer to the CEO will be working in your corner and accountable to you.

Agencies allow you to experience the transformational power of an efficient team. You get to have the best of everyone at a much lower cost and demand more productivity than ever.


4. Performance-based

A digital marketing agency is constrained to stay sharp and produce measurable results. On the other hand, an in-house team might put in the hours and produce no measurable result.

One problem is that such teams tend to throw in all sorts of bait and hope that something will bite – paid ads, social media campaigns, blogs, and the like. When leads do flow in, it becomes almost impossible to track what triggered the increase in business and replicate the action.

An outsourced team needs to show performance by numbers, which means every measure deployed is planned and measured. Einstein Covey does give new clients a risk-free 90-day money-back guarantee so that you see results for yourself, speaking of which –

Introducing the Pimclick Marketing Booster Program

If you feel that you can use some of this efficiency, performance, and fresh talent to level up your marketing game, we’re here for you. Just as we did it for Wellness Home Products, we offer you the chance to slash your marketing budget and increase sales.

Unlike other digital marketing agencies, the team and Pimclick prefers to work with you at a deeper level. We take the time to completely immerse ourselves in your brand, learn your culture, your product, your mission, your team, and most of all, your customers.

From there, we are empowered to create a powerful strategy to get your brand where you need it to be. We take  at least 90 days to turn things around for your online presence because it takes time to build a hyper-targeted, effective marketing strategy.

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