Award Winning Digital Spa Experience

We were engaged to design the brand experience that captures some of the wonder and amazement of the art gallery & spa treatments. In response, we designed a digital experience and digital eco-system that combines beautiful storytelling with compelling visuals and well-crafted content.

We’ve seen a few extraordinary new progressions in innovation throughout the course of recent years alone, from 3D printing and driverless vehicles to robots and home robotization. One of these advances that we will more often than not see routinely and advancing into standard society is Virtual Reality.

A considerable lot of us have now been presented to Virtual Reality or something to that effect – regardless of whether it be a computer game, a stream flight or rollercoaster test system, or some sort of experiential or show insight. Presently Virtual Reality is starting to advance into the spa experience, raising spa administrations to amazing encounters on a level that is truly unheard of.


Innovation is now reforming the magnificence business with the steady presentation of further developed gadgets, and surprisingly absolutely new frameworks like face planning and advanced imaging. Computer-generated Reality is taking excellence tech to an unheard-of level, not as a treatment help, but rather to move clients to altogether new areas, totally reclassifying providing a tactile excursion.

As is regularly the situation, Thailand is lingering behind the recent fad, yet a few extravagance spas all over the planet as of now have VR medicines on the menu. So how is it being utilized and what would it be able to propose for clients?

Precisely as you would envision, huge headsets are given to clients through which they will see a scope of completely vivid, 3D situations, that will move in understanding to the wearer’s developments – closely resembling they were there face to face. This makes VR the ideal backup for moderately still medicines like a back rub, floatation treatment, or hydrotherapy.

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