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Leverage the power of Facebook to reach thousands of targeted people.


  • Strategic planning
  • Creative posts
  • Games & promotions
  • Community
  • Targeted ads campaigns
  • Performance campaigns
  • Statistics reports

Raise awareness among new audience on the trendiest network.


  • Branding campaigns
  • Photo & video posts
  • Stories & polls
  • Influencer partnerships
  • Targeted ads campaigns
  • Leads generation
  • Statistics reports

Build trust and connect with your audience




  • Line@ account setup
  • Push messages
  • Timeline posts
  • Community
  • Games & promotions
  • Advertising spots
  • Statistics report

Reach a qualified audience to secure and convert business leads.



  • Brand influence page
  • Posts, articles
  • Professional connections
  • Promotions and news
  • Lead generation
  • Targeted ads campaigns
  • Statistics reports

Our PR mission is fully supported by Pimclick’s digital
communication services with Digital Strategy, Web and app
developments, E-marketing, photo and video production, content
creation and graphic design.
pimclick’s unique blend of artistry, production, and operations
knowledge makes this agency an excellent fit for our product,
and a key part of our company strategy.
Tim G., CEO Red planet hotels