18 Cool Facts About MAGENTO

18 Cool Facts About MAGENTO

18 Cool Facts About MAGENTO
1. Magento is the most important leading, open-source eCommerce platform in today’s times Written in PHP. Magento was founded by Varien Inc., a US private company based in Culver City, California with the help of volunteers

2. Over 250k merchants are using MAGENTO WORLDWIDE

3. Magento has 2 versions
– MAGENTO OPENS SOURCE ( Magento Community)
– MAGENTO COMMERCE (Magento Enterprise)

4. The Magento community counts to be at 800k+ members to date

5. There are 5.282 certified individuals in Magento directory as of January, 2017

6. 50+ Meet Magento events are taking place every year, all over world

7. Magento for 99,9% was developed in Ukraine, though the head office of Varien, the company making it is based in Los Angeles and fully owned by US-based management

8. The most expensive Magento extension is SAP ECC / R3 integration with the staggering cost of €25.000
It allows you to fully synchronize all transactional data between SAP and Magento

Right all SAP-related tweaks will cost you a bundle

9. Over 200,00 businesses have chosen the Magento platform for launching their websites
Among the world’s leading brands — there are Samsung, Ford, Olympus, Nike, North Face and others

10. Magento is the most renowned eCommerce platform, with a market share of 31%
26% Based on Alexa ranking, it has been used by 26%of the top 1 million websites

11. More than 200 various extensions for additional functionality that can be used in the Magento interface

12. PSD to Magento conversion is very much important in helping e-commerce store to the success point

One can plan for SEC in advance with the use of predefined PSD creation

13. About 100,000 stores chose Magento eCommerce platform and the number of their fans increases

5000 Stats says that there are more than downloads of the solution every day

14. Google has revealed that the term “Magento” was searched more than the word “ecommerce”

15. The availability of over 500ra modules on Magento connect makes it an easily adaptable system

16. Number of online shoppers served by Magento merchants will increase by 200%

16. These extensions allow store owners to further customise their online stores to meet business requirements

17. More than 60% of Magento merchants are B2C

18. Magento has 4.2$B generated in revenue and is expected to grow to 14.2$B by 2020


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