In Brief
Soft is a French brand started in 1989 in France. It has been 28 years since Soft becomes an expertise at the service of sexual prevention. Soft Condoms comes to Pimclick because of our social media full-service. And, we know that a digital strategy can help Soft growth in a big scale.
Soft Condoms
Soft Condoms
Social Media strategy
Brand identity
Copywriting service
Content Marketing Strategy
Art Direction
Influencer strategy
Social game concept
Interactive Design
3D Animation &
Motion Design
UX research & study
Quantitative UX research
Qualitative UX research
Usability Testing
Analytics &
Brand Identity

We introduce "Feel the french touch" as Soft Condoms Slogan. Our Social Media content creative experts are constantly focusing on Content Production
 User Experience, Engagement Rate & Viral Impact

Pacific Blue — #0098C7
French Blue — #0072AF
Puerto Rico — #4EC0AC
Light Crimson — #FA6C8C
Japonica — #E17E61
Barberry — #E9DB18
Video animation

Animations were used to bring the concept together, incorporating movement into the design itself. User generated GIFs were interspersed with positive messages, challenges, and playful illustrations to keep the site lighthearted, encouraging, and sharable.

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Behind the scene social media production