In Brief
Sephora is the leading chain of perfume and cosmetics stores in France, with a powerful beauty presence in countries around the world. We have executed Sephora’s Valentine’s Day mobile advertising campaign and created a mobile event application that encourages women to virtually choose their favorite lipstick color and send their beloved one a kiss by kissing and blowing on their smartphone screen; which facilitates data analytics for Sephora’s CRM.
Sephora France
Digital Strategy
Digital to Store strategy
Creative Direction
Art Direction
Frontend coding
Interactive Design
Research &
Analytics &
CRM integration
Creative UX concept

First time in the world, we created a mobile interactive advertising campaign that brings a creative user experience, consumer engagement and brand awareness by using native features of smartphone.

Torch Red — #FC0F3F
White Lilac — #E7E7E7
Grey Steel — #666667
Black Nero — #272327
Snow White — #FFFFFF
Black — #000000

During the valentine's day, the concept is to invite womens to experiment the new digital kiss experience by Sephora. First give a real kiss by kissing your smartphone. Choose the color of your lipstick. Send the kiss to your boyfriend by blowing on the smartphone. Then fill up the form and receive your lipstick sample.

We pushed the limit of the experience by sending back a SMS to the boyfriend reminding him his girlfiend's birthday and giving him a discount to buy a perfume at Sephora (digital to store strategy)