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Fluocaril, with over 60 years of experience, offers top-quality oral care products that originated and were developed in our French laboratory. Our clients desire to showcase their products through modern web design, which encompasses packaging, website, UX design, UI design, and social media. By prioritizing contemporary design, we aim to establish Fluocaril as the leading oral care product in Thailand, earning customers' trust and loyalty.
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Branding strategy

We bolstered Fluocaril's already established visual identity by developing a new brand language that included color schemes, iconography, typography, 3D models, and photography. This new brand language further emphasized Fluocaril's key brand attributes, such as innovation, improvement, and strong credibility in the professional dental industry. Our efforts were aimed at optimizing Fluocaril's online presence and enhancing their search engine visibility, thereby attracting more potential customers to their products.

Atlantis Green — #A4DE28
Chicago Grey — #4D4D4D
Cornflower Blue — #6AA4F5
All Black — #000000
Lime Green— #31BE2F
Snow Storm — #F8F8F8
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The homepage provides strong visual introduction to what Flurocaril is presented in an immersive, elegant way.

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We took great care to design mobile UX concepts that bring the same level of experience as the desktop version.

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The Flurocaril's product page is a unique take on the traditional e-commerce experience, where personalization is built into every step.

The Flurocaril product page is a unique take on the modern e-commerce experience, where personalization is built into every stage.

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For returning users, we created a beautiful landing page that offered a whole new level of discovery and customization. We built a grid that was flexible and open, with space for marketing content, local trending items and recommended products, based on the individual user’s behavior.

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web page layout
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Successful Ad campaign

The brand's strength lies in its videos, animated schemas, and customer engagement. By incorporating creativity into their brand management, Fluocaril involves customers, including orthodontists and oral care enthusiasts, in a bi-directional relationship that creates a strong bond between them and the brand, much like the relationship between a dentist and their patient. Our approach aims to enhance Fluocaril's online visibility, thereby increasing their search engine rankings and attracting more potential customers to their brand.

You can click here to view a behind-the-scenes look at our process..

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