UX or UI Design ? Which one is the best ?

UX or UI Design ? Which one is the best ?

In web design, we are often told about UX (user experience) and UI (user interface).
A single letter separates this two terms but this letter makes all the difference. This article will help you to understand that more clearly.

In order to differentiate the UX design from the UI design, we will look at the theoretical definition of each term, we will analyze the role of UX and UI designers.

The UX design is the combination of several activity areas such as market research, competitive analysis, conceptual modeling or prototyping, testing, design or project management.
Even if there is not exactly common definition for what UX design is, it can be considered as the method that maximizes the usefulness of a product or website.

The user interface is defined as “the way by which an user and a computer system interact, especially when using input devices and software. In simple terms, the UI design is the complement to the UX design.

UI design is the transformation of a company’s vision, brand, research, and content into a user-friendly, visual and digital interface.

TThe UX and UI designs are different methods however they complement each other. UI design is the transformation of all the brands is into a creative graphic design aspect.
So UI, it is only digital and the result is always a visual interface, while the UX design concerns all aspects of a business, in all sectors.

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