Pimclick prepared to build the best Click & Collect process for Jaspal

Pimclick prepared to build the best Click & Collect process for Jaspal

Pimclick creative digital agency partnered with Jaspal Home which is a provider of an extensive collection of Bed linen, to help them reimagine their business with a strong digital transformation strategy. They helped Jaspal Home with their website UX design and also developed an E-commerce platform solution.

As Pimclick prepared to build the best Click & Collect process for Jaspal, they knew they had to start with a thorough UX research. Pimclick Created a visual brand identity from scratch, with color palettes, logos and guidelines that matched the brand identity of Jaspal. The website ensured clear navigation while the visual creation brought out a comprehensive and beautiful web design. Pimclick employed a user-centered design to produce a cohesive, predictable, and desirable effect on the target audience for Jaspal Home.


In relation to their E- commerce solution, Pimclick had perfectly merged the E-commerce Platform and the Business logic provided by the ERP via specific APIs such as Product synchronization, Order Management, Shipping & Tracking number.

By targeting users on a deeper and more emotional level, Pimclick made sure that the user experience was profound. The change in experience was accomplished by eliciting an emotional response in the user which was tied to their actions and accomplishments. Pimclick also made sure that Jaspal Home product was a part of its brand’s unified entity and was presented with a required degree of integrity.

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