How to run successful Social Media Game Contests?

How to run successful Social Media Game Contests?

Looking for a new way to increase your customer engagement and your conversion rate? Social Media Contests are your solution. 

Social media contest is a great way to draw attention to your brand by providing a fun and stimulating way for people to interact with your brand. Social media contests allow you to achieve different goals such as improving engagement, increasing the number of followers, collecting leads and generating buzz. Depending on your goal, you can use different contest schemes and strategies. Here are few tips for a successful game campaign:


1. Settle clear objectives

For an efficient game campaign, it shouldn’t come out of the blue and should meet the same objectives as your global Social Media marketing strategy. Without a strong strategy, you won’t tap all the potential of your campaign.

Once you have clearly settled your objectives, you can decide what kind of contest you want to run and how to run it. There are plenty of different creative possibilities. You can create the traditional “like, follow & tag”  or “like, follow & share” contest to win a prize, a photo challenge where you repost the best picture, or you can choose more engaging contest as “chat to win” or “use a branded filter to win”. All depends on your objectives: brand awareness, generate leads, reach, conversions or create buzz.


2. Understand your audience

Don’t forget that you don’t want to attract everyone but people who are very likely to be interested in your brand. Choose a prize that would appeal to your buyer persona. It has to be valuable enough for people to participate in your contest. Especially when you ask them a great engagement (i.e. “like, follow & share”).

Adapt your contest to your prize and pay attention to what your clients consider as your added-value. Last but not least ask yourself if your contest fits your audience and their behaviours on Social Media.


3. Promote your contest

In order to reach a critical scope, communicate a lot upon your contest, leveraging your other marketing channels. Even if you only want to run your contest in an organic post on Instagram, make a story about it and communicate on your other social media. Depending on the prize you can also promote it on your website or your app too.

In function of your settled objectives, you can also boost it as a paid post. It will help you to reach a better audience and reach cold audiences if you decide to widen your audience scope.

All in all, differentiate yourself from competitors with creative game contests in accordance with your digital marketing strategy. 

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