For the 86th Anniversary of Singha Beer, Pimclick will develop AR experience revealing Singha story through original illustrations wrapping up the bottle in a ballet of drawings telling the story in motion.

Public Relations Strategy
A unique digital experience
After work, stress free activities are essential for a good work-life balance. Drawing is an expression of creativity, mindfulness and is a great way to evacuate stress. For that reason, we propose to create an interactive experience during which users can customize the bottle with colors. When the user scan the bottle, the packaging is divided into several areas that can be colored in 8 different colors. User can select colors and click on each sections to fill it. Each user will create an unique bottle thanks to the color palette and the shapes. They will be able to share their created bottle on social media with an hashtag. This user generated content will encourage more audience to download the app and play.  At the end of the campaign every bottles shared by the users will be visible on Singha website with a thank you message.
Marketing Strategy
At the end of the campaign every bottles shared by the users is visible on Singha website with a thank you message. We have created a dedicated landing page on Singha website to showcase the bottles of all the participants. As such, users who connected to the app with their contact details willreceive an invitation to discover their created bottle on the official page.

This is a proof of recognition from Singha to its clients and will enhance brand engagement and brand perception after the campaign. 

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