User Experience and User Interface Design for Mobile Application

Mynk is a curated community Driven, Block Chain powered, OTT Platform for world cinema. A futurist, technology based entertainement ecosystem specifically developed for the Cinema and Music aficionado.

UX Design
User experience and behaviour differs considerably between linear TV and VOD services. We frame every design problem in a job story, focusing on the triggering event or situation, the motivation and goal, and the intended outcome: With myNK go beyond the usual film options. Explore undiscovered and critically acclaimed indie films, short films, and documentaries. It allows you to choose from a wide variety of genres such as Indie, Noir, Arthouse, Cult, Classic and Avant-Garde.

Creative direction
We use creative direction to calibrate all of the major creative decisions on a given project against the bigger-picture vision for the piece to ensure a unified creative vision that meets the project’s bigger-picture goals.
We ensure that the information, call and conversion tracking is setup properly, thus delivering accurate data to optimise the campaign without any complexity. We keep an eye on the current digital trends and monitor your PPC campaign so that it generates more leads and sales with minimum investment.
HTML 5 / CSS 3
Maximizing the potential of HTML5 and CSS3 makes it possible to apply styling and formatting, present audio and video, and create animation and interactivity in ways that have never before been possible without stringing together plugins, image files, and JavaScript.
Smart Aderver
Smart AdServer, headquartered in Paris, is a premium ad-serving solution provider (think SaaS software) that offers a single user-friendly interface that allows the user to program rich media campaigns for web, mobile & tablet devices.
Graphic Design
Our top-notch art directors had designed a stunning, professional, responsive and outstanding user interface according to your brand identity guideline that will meet and exceed your expectations. You will be able to choose between 2 different graphic concept according to the needs and current web standard.
Mobile Marketing
Mobile marketing gathers all the marketing techniques using mobile to communicate. At first, mobile marketing used mainly text messages to communicate with the target, we used to talk about different SMS campaigns.