Pimclick partners with Belaws to launch Employment Law Clinic COVID-19

Pimclick partners with Belaws to launch Employment Law Clinic COVID-19

Bangkok, Thailand: Pimclick comes on board as a digital partner to Belaws’ effort in launching an Employment Law Clinic COVID-19.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic affects families and various groups of people, but it also has had a troubling impact on the business community. The rapid COVID-19 outbreak has forced companies to reduce their workforce and leave numerous employees jobless. This has created significant litigation grounds between employers and employees, and the situation keeps worsening every day.To help deal with this crisis, several law firms in Thailand have joined forces with Belaws to help employers and employees facing legal issues with a 30-minute consultation for free providing preliminary answers to legal questions on suspension, salary negotiation, or termination of an employee.

The participating lawyers are providing this service free of charge on a charitable basis with best efforts to ensure that people receive a preliminary answer within two business days. The goal to launch the initiative was to ensure that both parties act within the law to avoid furthxter litigation.

Pimclick is helping to give the Employment Law Clinic on Belaws’ platform the visibility it deserves during the pandemic, where people’s requests will be automatically shuffled through the pool of lawyers registered on Belaws for this initiative. Each lawyer will then put his heart to work to answer each person’s concern, either in writing or by setting up a phone call.

The Employment Law Clinic is the latest initiative supported by Pimclick that continues to provide free digital consultation to businesses helping them tackle challenges caused due to the pandemic.

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