Corporate identity

The corporate identity of a company or a product is the way the market perceive it. Companies wish to create a strong corporate identity that will be immediately identified. Even greater, they wish their product name become would be mixed with their brand in the customers’ minds, such as Kleenex, that became synonym of paper tissue over the time, or Scotch and its tape. Those brand names replaced common names. Beside the will of having a strong corporate identity, most of companies wish to have a specific identity. They want their products or services be perceived as unique. This desire to have a certain corporate identity will direct any new project. Advertising, communication, the intended audience, etc. will depend on it.


Example: a luxury brand

For example, a company can decide to adopt a luxury brand identity. Its intended market will depend on it. Prices will be higher. The company will only advertise in luxury stores and its products will only be commercialised in luxury stores or in shopping galleries. It would not be practicable to sell in big chain stores. Customers are ready to put a large amount of money to acquire a luxury product because it will give them a real prestigious sensation.


A corporate identity for you company

The choice of your corporate identity must be taken seriously. It will depends on your market. Picking various identities or willing to represent to many different things will only bring more issues. If, for instance, you create a luxury product but you also want to be cheap and commercialise in big chain stores, your position on the market will not be clear in your customers’ mind. Luxury stores and their clients do not want a product available for all. This issue of bad positioning in the customer’s mind is not an exception. Every year, hundred of products appear and disappear because the corporate identity is not clearly determined. So, before launching your company or a new product, think about the position you want to occupy on the market and promote it. Pimclick, a web design agency based in Bangkok, is expert in corporate identity solutions and will help you find your position on the market. Contact­us for more information.