Branding design

Branding design consists in creating a strong corporate identity for your company. Usually, a corporate identity contains the personalised design of a logo et the creation of a slogan. A corporate identity is, in other, the identity of your company, how you want your company to be perceived. Personalised logos and slogans allow potential customers to distinguish companies. If you do not have a personalised corporate identity, your potential customers will probably not see any difference between your company and your competitors and therefore be confused. A personalised branding design for your company starts with a corporate identity strategy. The latter take into account the manner a company wish to be presented. An efficient corporate identity strategy will create a memorable logo and slogan bringing the company a uniform corporate identity. The brand image must show the strengths and advantages of your company while being unforgettable. A corporate identity strategy, also known as a positioning strategy, consists in defining the manner a company stand out in front of other companies offering similar products or services. Positioning is the first step to branding design and should be, preferably, took over by an agency expert in the field.


Web design agency

A web design agency will guide through the process of brand designing, such as Pimclick, our agency based in Bangkok. The agency did brand design for Nike for instance. Here what an agency can do for your brand image:
– a personalised logo,
– a personalised slogan,
– personalised stationery (headed notepaper, envelopes, notepads, pens),
– business cards using the brand image,
– products packaging using the corporate image,
– posters and banners.


Advantages and considerations

Why are all these things important for your company? There are many advantages when developing a corporate identity strategy: a higher visibility, a wider position on the market, a distinction from competitors and an aesthetic image that can be used for any marketing aspect. There are however certain points to consider to build a great personalised brand image: a relevant corporate identity name: the name of your brand image should raise, at least implicitly, the objectives and products or services of your company. The name should also be attractive and relevant in every languages and every countries. legal procedures: legal and intellectual property should be acquired and the brand image validity should be ensured on the international market. a clear brand image: logo and slogan designing should be aligned with the positioning strategy of the company. an attractive logo: ideally, the conception of a personalised logo should use the company’s colours and reflects its corporate identity strategy in a creative and attractive manner. a catchy slogan: the conception of a personalised slogan should emphasise on the essence of your firm through a catchy and distinct formula that stay in one’s mind.


Where your brand image should be used?

To be efficient, the image of your brand should appears in as many places as possible. Every occasion to show your brand image is a golden opportunity. A personalised brand image is used on websites, business cards, brochures and any other promotional material, such as pens ou headed papers. The most useful is to use your brand image in a relevant manner on every medias. It is obvious that the brand image should be part of the marketing tools, the promotional material, the brand designing, the advertising campaigns and every other marketing techniques.


When does a company should invest in a brand designing strategy?

There are many reasons why your company should invest in brand designing:
– change of direction,
– launching of a new product,
– merge and acquisition with another company,
– your brand image is obsolete,
– your brand image is not attractive,
– new market trends arrived,
– crisis times require specific crisis management,
– the competition is high.

Remember that rebuilding your brand image too often can have bad consequences and a new corporate identity should be developed at the best time possible only. Creating a new brand image can bring your company to lose customers if you do not have the right reason to do it. Contact our agency in Bangkok, experts in Brand designing.