Best SEO Link Building Methods for 2022

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Best SEO Link Building Methods for 2022

Surrounding the vitality of SEO during the modern era, it’s important to understand exactly how link building works and what are the best methods that you can be using in 2022. These are steps that you should be taking if you haven’t done so yet especially as we are moving into 2023. The reason why this is a growing topic today is that link-building has been dead for years now. When SEO was first introduced to the world, many people neglected it but because of how strong SEO is today, everyone should be coming back to it.

There are many aspects to factor in when it comes to SEO for a strong rank such as On-Page SEO with optimized content and such. When business turns towards this, they tend to neglect other factors like linking. According to the modern algorithm of Google, links are important when bringing your website to a strong authority. Linking is essentially a connection from A to B, which is basically from one site to another. Why is this important? Google is now understanding websites properly if they have strong backlinking. This is the process of linking a web page to your own webpage.


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There are certain rules that you have to respect from Google when you are link-building. The whole idea of link building and SEO is about keeping your customers happy in terms of bringing people to your website and not bouncing to another. Building certain links for your business will not only keep you relevant in the algorithm but will also keep your users happy which essentially gives you a strong authority. There are certain link-building tips that you can now start doing today.

Links and Co-citations

Source: https://www.linkresearchtools.com/blog/link-building-techniques/


Requesting backlinks from others

This is obviously a great start if you’re getting into link-building for your business. The essential that you should be doing in your business is having a strong network whether that would be your friends, partners, clients, etc. You can kindly ask for a link exchange which can be beneficial for both parties. However, it is important to understand to have a link that is within the same industry as you as it can have a strong impact on your SEO and not the other way around. This can also lead to you building relationships with other clients where you can continuously exchange links.

Blog Writing

This is one of the bigger ways you can start link-building and that is by writing blogs. Companies are doing this now as it is the easiest way to link-build within your site by creating blogs on a daily basis and within the industry of your business. If you’re constantly writing blogs, Google will be able to recognize your content and make it strongly relative to users as long as it’s useful and structured well. This also relates to the first point where you can ask other businesses to exchange links with you based on the blogs that they are writing to.

Guest Posting

Similar to Blog writing, another form of adding to your ranking is guest posting. This is where you write and publish certain articles on someone else’s blog or website. The great part about this is that there are a ton of websites that will accept publishing your article and you should be taking advantage of this. Obviously, you should be respecting the rules of making sure that the website that you’re posting on is relevant to the industry of your business and that there is a strong quality in it. Some tools allow you to evaluate the strength of the website and whether or not it can help you with your SEO.


No matter how strong your content writing is, it is the hard truth that users today find it easier to understand information visually as we are visual learners. There are still users out there today that prefer written information but if you are targeting a wider audience, it is better to use infographics as your form of content. This is where you can also attract links from different brands.


Source: https://www.linkresearchtools.com/blog/link-building-techniques/


Testimonial Linking

Another common way of link-building is by giving a testimonial for other businesses. This is a perfect scenario to be in as it provides a win-win situation for both sides. By testing their product or service, you can give a testimonial and provide them a backlink to build that trust for both the customers and the business you are partnered with. Essentially, companies will be able to receive a testimonial on their product or service, and you can also get a new backlink which can be beneficial for your SEO.

Trustworthy Directories

Why is this important? There are various online directories on the internet today that are considered to bring no value for the users and thus Google has excluded them from the search engine results. This is where you want to make sure your website is not included in this list of pages. Try to locate the directories that will give you a chance for link-building while also giving useful information to users on the internet.

Dead Backlinks

This is actually an important step that most people forget because it never comes to light. Most business that started SEO, in the beginning, has left their links broken on their website without even knowing. The reason why this is important is that Google can now understand which pages on your website are seen with a 404 error which can damage your SEO ranking. Lucky for you, there are tools that you can use today that can help you find those lost and dead links which you can restore by writing a blog or doing other things that get them alive.


Source: https://www.linkresearchtools.com/blog/link-building-techniques/


Understanding your Competitors Linking

While there are simple tips that you can be using for your linking, you can slowly advance yourself by understanding your competitors and learning exactly how they are link-building for their websites. There are many tools in the market today that allow you to research your competitors and see what backlinks they have that you don’t. Simple analysis with your team on your competitors can go a long way toward improving your SEO and bringing it to the next level. You can even turn this situation into a partnership or a relationship that can be fruitful for both sides. With certain tools in the market, you can also find backlinks that are healthy and being used often which can beneficial for you.


22 SEO Link Building Methods for 2022


Source: https://www.linkresearchtools.com/blog/link-building-techniques/

Mentions into backlinks

In some cases, brands may have already been talking about the product or service that you have provided and have given a review or feedback. This is where you can directly contact the website and ask to turn those mentions into backlinks. Alternatively, you can also offer the same exchange to them to enter a win-win scenario for both parties. LinkResearchTools allows you to find these mentions with full details of the website and such.

Finding mentions and converting them into links

Source: https://www.linkresearchtools.com/blog/link-building-techniques/


Competitor’s new links

This falls into the category of understanding your competitor’s SEO strength. Being able to find out your competitor’s new links will give you the edge to improve your SEO overall. Tools such as Link Alerts (LA) will inform you about new backlinks while also closely monitoring your competitor’s links. With the advancement of some tools today, you can even be immediately notified of fresh backlinks that your competitors are using to see whether or not this impacts your SEO in any way.



Source: https://www.linkresearchtools.com/blog/link-building-techniques/


Giveaways and other forms of contest

If your links are coming from websites that end at .gov. or .edu, then they have considered trusted links as they are known to be very hard to get. If they are launching several campaigns such as giveaways, then it is best to be a part of it by having your website linked to them. This is another smart tip that you can be doing. A great example that we can look at is from HOTH which launched a campaign for students to write a blog on a particular topic. These blogs and magazines have been given .edu links which creates a strong link-building technique.

22 SEO Link Building Methods for 2022

Source: https://www.linkresearchtools.com/blog/link-building-techniques/


When you are writing content, it is recommended by SEO experts that you should be using lists to optimize your content. For example, it is preferable for users to read an article with the title “10 Great Massage Tips for Beginners” rather than “Why Massage is Great for Beginners”. As users today are accustomed to this type of content, it will put your website at an advantage if you’re writing your content like this. Additionally, you can also offer link exchanges if you are talking about other brands’ products or services.

Tools that you can use today:

If you are new to link-building, then here is a list of tools that you can use today that can beneficial for you and your team.

With these tools that are mentioned above, you can now begin building links with the tips and techniques that were mentioned above.

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