Why you should pair digital and traditional marketing

Why you should pair digital and traditional marketing

In the the past years, the rise of the digital marketing gives to companies the opportunity to multiply their marketing actions. It has become essential to adopt a marketing strategy on the web. However, it is necessary that these actions stay in line with the traditional marketing strategy.

Why you should pair digital and traditional marketing
Many people think that traditional marketing will disappear in favour of digital marketing. But this is not true. Actually, the traditional marketing has other purposes and objectives. It will continue to prosper and that’s why the companies must combine these two strategies.

Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. By using them together, you can improve your strengths and compensate for your weaknesses.

A traditional marketing strategy allows to reach a large number of people. However it is difficult to have a precise target. So you will target a broad audience and the main disadvantage with this strategy is the price. It can be expansive. It is also difficult to measure the performance of your traditional marketing campaigns. You can see an example of our project in traditional marketing with AATIP.

Otherwise, digital marketing allows you to target your audience much more precisely. So you can reach the audience you want. For example, with trends of advertisment on Facebook. With this method, it is much easier to quantify and analyse the results of your campaign. It is also much less expensive.

So it is important to develop your digital marketing strategy in line with your traditional marketing strategy.
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