Why do you absolutely have to include video in your business strategy ?

Why do you absolutely have to include video in your business strategy ?

Today we are in the air of content marketing for companies. That is, producing content to attract consumers to websites. Like articles on a blog, send newsletters and also produce videos ! Here are some figures from studies that should remove any doubts if you are still hesitating. A video will be viewed by 80% of visitors compared to 20% for content to be read. 

Google searches include a video 62% of the time. More than 22 billion videos are viewed every day on platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world, with 4 billion videos viewed every day.  After watching a video, 73% of visitors are more likely to buy the product online. An explanatory video increases the conversion rate by 20% ! Not convinced yet? Here are some infallible arguments.
Video allows you to present your products, this will bring credibility to your brand and your customers will gain confidence in you. You can also offer your customers tutorials where you can test your products. The video makes it possible to increase the visibility and notoriety of your company on the net. In particular by sharing your videos on your social networks such as YouTube, Facebook or Instagram with their new IGTV function.
Another interesting point, the videos will help you improve your natural referencing whether on Google or YouTube. A video is simply an excellent way to increase the time Internet users spend on your site.

Convinced? Get started! The only watchwords: quality videos and adapted to mobile phones!

(More than 50% of videos are watched on mobile phones)

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