Why and how to use Facebook Pixel?

Why and how to use Facebook Pixel?

Wondering about your advertising relevance and success? The Facebook Pixel will help you get the most out of your social ad strategy and budget. Here are the keys to understanding this wonderful tool.

First of all, the Facebook Pixel is a piece of code that you add on your website in order to monitor and measure the effectiveness of your advertising. It works with a cookie that tracks visitors’ behaviour on your website, in order to retarget them in the future. This way, you improve your Facebook ad conversion rate and adjust your digital strategy.


What are the benefits?

By monitoring every action taken on your website, you get many essential data to:

  • Retarget and show ads to people who have already visited your website, for example by showing them the product they abandoned in the shopping cart
  • Create a lookalike audience to reach a new audience that might be interested in your company
  • Optimize Facebook ads for value to show your ads to the people who are the most likely to make high-value purchases
  • Monitor cross-device conversions. This way, if a customer has seen your ad while waiting for the doctor, but decides to buy your product once home with his computer, you can keep track it! 

Furthermore, you gain access to more Facebook ad tools and metrics as dynamic ads, web conversion campaigns or custom audiences from your website that are only available with the Facebook Pixel.

When you use the Facebook Pixel, each action on your website is considered as an event. There are two kinds of event:

  • standard events, predefined by Facebook such as adding payment information, adding to cart, contact, search, subscribing…
  • custom events, that you can set up yourself in ad manager

Standard events offer you more opportunities because you directly add code on your website when for custom events you play with URL rules. If you don’t feel confident to change your website code, it’s recommended to use custom events.


Some tips to begin:

  • Track the right events for your business – place standard events to the pages that really matter
  • Get the full picture – track every page of your website
  • If you have  a specific separate mobile website don’t forget to monitor it too

All in all, the Facebook Pixel helps you create much more effective and accurate advertisements and leading to more conversions, by monitoring all your website activity. Moreover, you get access to ad tools specific to Facebook Pixel!


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