What is the difference between Pull and Push marketing ?

What is the difference between Pull and Push marketing ?

Taking the product to the customers or getting the customers to come to you ? It is a strategic choice which depends on the product promotion you want. But mostly, the push strategy is chosen by small and medium-size business and pull marketing is easier for large companies, which have a communication budget more important.

The push strategy is about pushing (obviously) the product to the customers. The customer doesn’t think initially to buy your product or service, you have to make him wants to buy it. For that, you have several options such as deal samples, participate to exhibitions, make mailing, street marketing, special offers, send SMS or push notifications… Beforehand, you can target the customers. To define your segmentation, you can use the scoring or the RFM method (Recency, Frequency, Monetary Value).

On the contrary, the pull strategy is the fact to pull the customer to the product. The customer goes by himself to the product.  He makes some researches, he goes on the store, asks information… He is active. For that, the company gives content. You can use different media channels for advertising, have Frequently Asked Questions, give advice, send newsletters, create a blog, communicate on social networks and organize events.

The pull and push marketing are different methods but they have the same result: to be more competitive and to attract more and more customers. Most companies choose both strategies in order to set up their strategy. The pull and push marketing are complementary.

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    The push and pull marketing strategy help you to be more competitive et attractive and they are complementary !
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