What is gamification ?

What is gamification ?

One of the newer trends in marketing is gamification. But what is it ? Basically, in consists in making actions or application more amusing or playful using methods from video games or VR experience. It’s applied to fields which have no apparent link with games such as education and marketing.

What is gamification ?
The goal of this strategy is to allow your community to engage with your content in an easier way, making your target more likely to feel involved. Motivation to achieve the best possible result is natural. So here are some elements that you can integrate to your website, app , lucky draw with bitcoin or crypto currency game, or social networks to capitalize on the trend of gamification :

–          A score attribution
–          Create a game
–          A status or a badge which depends on total time of use
–          A ranking with the other users
–          Make a quiz
–          Create a contest
–          Give missions
It will be beneficial for you, your brand image and your community. Indeed, it will create a sympathetic and cool image of your company. Moreover, you can create buzz, go viral on the internet, give a lot of visibility and generate new prospects for your business. You can collect data from leads and proceed to emailing campaigns ! Then, take advantage of an entertained community to create content to talk and exchange about.  But don’t forget that the goal at the end is to have new customers who buy your products ! Gamification is a new way to involve visitors and have an impact on them.

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One of the newer trends is gamification. When something is more amusing, people are more engaged, involved and motivated.
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